Health Maintenance

N S Memorial College of Nursing

Health Maintenance

Health maintenance in nursing involves a proactive approach to healthcare that focuses on the prevention of disease and the maintenance of optimal health. Nurses play a crucial role in this process through various activities, including patient education, routine screenings, immunizations, and the management of chronic conditions.

Health Checkup on Admission

A health checkup on admission is a comprehensive assessment performed when a patient is admitted to a healthcare facility. This checkup is essential to identify any existing health issues, establish a baseline for the patient’s health status, and create an appropriate care plan.

Annual Health Checkup

An annual health checkup is a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s overall health, performed once a year, to detect potential health issues early and promote a healthy lifestyle. Regular checkups help identify risk factors for diseases, manage chronic conditions, and ensure that individuals are up-to-date with preventive care.

Vaccination prior to clinical exposure

Vaccination prior to clinical exposure is essential for healthcare workers (HCWs) and nursing students to protect both themselves and their patients from infectious diseases. This preventive measure reduces the risk of disease transmission in healthcare settings and helps maintain a safe environment for patient care.