Academic Monitoring Cell Committee


Academic Monitoring Cell Committee

Academic monitoring cell is one of the fundamental functions of a University is to provide specific guidelines regarding teaching, learning and assessment and ensuring that these are properly materialized. The Kerala University of Health Sciences is committed to ensuring and upholding the quality of health science education in its affiliated Institutions. Monitoring academic performance is essential for the efficient operation of the system, ensuring consistent and qualitative outcomes. A robust monitoring system acts as a guardian, overseeing and maintaining quality, with the ultimate goal of achieving excellence.


  • Establishing an equitable and impartial framework for the operation of the institution’s Academic Monitoring Cell.
  • Creating systematic criteria and strategies to ensure the efficient implementation of the monitoring process.
  • Attaining excellence in professional and academic activities.


  • Furnishing precise guidelines related to the teaching and learning processes, including assessment.
  • Guaranteeing the overall quality of education.
  • Making accurate assessments within the teaching and learning processes.
  • Strategizing academic activities.
  • The Academic Monitoring Cell (AMC) will receive periodic reports.


There are 5 domains in the academic monitoring cell. They are

  1. Training
  2. Faculty development and student assessment
  3. Student welfare
  4. KUHS parameters
  5. Institutional excellence


The quorum shall be 2/3 of the total members

Frequency of the meeting:

Once in three months and as need arises

Month of meeting

The committee will meet in a year, in the last week of January, May and September