N S Memorial College of Nursing


  1. Objectives of YIP 
  2. Enhancing identified youth with collaborative, creative problem solving and leadership skills and design thinking.
  3. Empowering and building building youth through immersive programmes to Learn, Empathies, Accelerate and Disrupt. (LEAD)
  4. Mentoring them and intensifying networking to build a product or develop a process.
  5. Tracking the young innovators and linking them to institutions, industries, enterprises, and prospective funding agencies.
  6. Building a strong pool of mentors to identify, assess and track innovations as well as provide young innovators the necessary academic, domain specific as well as psycho-social support necessary through the process.
  7. Preparing the next generation of youth in Kerala to apply Industry 4.0 related skills within an overarching framework of Design Thinking for applying acquired Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) skills to solve open questions, and hard-to-solve “wicked” problems, complex challenges, local and overcome hyperlocal developmental issues.