Curriculum Committee


Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee concentrates on assessing, implementing recommendations, and evaluating the teaching-learning process to achieve competence in nursing practice.



  • Verify that the curriculum’s design and structure align with the predefined curricular goals and objectives.
  • Supervise every facet of the curriculum.
  • Assure comprehensive coverage of all competencies across the curriculum. m Ensure both Vertical and Horizontal Integration.
  • Periodically assess all components of the curriculum.


  • Supervise the formulation, execution, and modification of the curriculum, proposing enhancements for teaching materials and resources.
  • Systematically evaluate programs and courses at regular intervals to ensure their currency, relevance, and alignment with the master plan.
  • Analyze outcome data and course feedback to propose curriculum revisions, aiming to enhance academic standards and student performance.
  • Ensure institutional curriculum compliance with university, central council guidelines, regulations, and standards.
  • Foster progressive student growth by introducing and expanding college courses and programs.
  • Offer faculty recommendations for local best practices in teaching, learning, and evaluation.
  • Strategize, suggest, and coordinate ongoing education programs to enhance staff knowledge and skills.
  • Participate actively in the program review and accreditation processes.