Internal Complaints Committee


Internal Complaints Committee

The Committee guarantees that all students, teaching, and non-teaching staff members receive treatment with dignity and respect. Any complaints raised will be handled impartially, ensuring fairness, and maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the process.


  • The committee strives to create a secure environment that is devoid of sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence within the institution.
  • Additionally, the committee is committed to fostering a social and psychological atmosphere that promotes awareness regarding sexual harassment in its diverse manifestations.
  • It aims to encourage behaviours that cultivate an environment ensuring gender equality and equal opportunities.
  • To uphold the commitment of the Institute to provide an environment free of gender based discrimination.


  • The Internal Complaints Committee at Little Lourdes College of Nursing is responsible for addressing complaints from students and employees that occur within the college campus. The committee convenes once every three months and promptly upon receiving any complaint.
  • If an employee or student feels aggrieved, they are required to submit a written complaint to the Principal, Vice Principal, or the Disciplinary and Internal complaints Committee for appropriate action. In cases where the initial written complaint lacks clarity or essential details, the Committee may instruct the aggrieved party to provide a detailed statement of the incident within two days or a timeframe determined by the Committee.
  • To ensure a fair process, the Committee permits both parties involved to present relevant documents and witnesses to support their respective cases. Any documents submitted by either party must bear the signature of the submitting party to certify their authenticity.
  • The Committee directs the accused student or employee to prepare and submit a written response to the complaint or allegations within two days or a timeframe set by the Committee.
  • The received complaint should be handed over to the chairperson of the relevant subcommittee, a process facilitated by the Principal or Vice Principal.
  • The subsequent steps of reconciliation and investigation shall be carried out by the subcommittee and should commence within a timeframe of 4 days. The¬†subcommittee will afford both parties a fair opportunity to present their respective cases.
  • Detailed minutes of all subcommittee proceedings will be prepared and appropriately signed by the secretaries of the subcommittee. The Committee will make every effort to conclude its proceedings within seven days from the receipt of the complaint.
  • If further police investigation required, the matter will be referred accordingly.
  • If, in the course of the proceedings before it, the Committee is satisfied that a prima facie case of sexual harassment is made out against the accused employee(s)/student and that there is any chance of the recurrence of any such action, or that it is required to do so in the interests of justice, it may, on the request of the complainant or otherwise, disciplinary action could be initiated in the form of
    1. Warning
    2. Written apology
    3. Bond of good behaviour
    4. Adverse remarks in the confidential report
    5. Debarring from supervisory duties
    6. Denial of membership of statutory bodies. Denial of re-employment/readmission
    7. Stopping of increments/promotion/denying admission ticket
    8. Reverting, demotion
    9. Suspension/Dismissal
    10. Any other relevant mechanism
  • The committee is responsible for coordinating suitable psychological, emotional, and physical support, including counselling, security measures, and other assistance, for the victim if requested.
  • The committee, with the complainant’s consent, will actively pursue medical, police, and legal interventions as deemed necessary.

FREQUENCY OF MEETING: Once in three months or as need arises.


Chairperson Dr.Sr.Joseena Svm, Principal
Co-Chairperson Sr.Starly Svm, Vice-Principal
Secretary Ms.Poonam Mary Kurian, Assistant Professor


Ms.Anajo Jose, Associate Professor

Ms. Santy John, Associate Professor